This week on the podcast, it’s A BAD REFLECTION ON YOU! I mean, that’s the name of the episode we’re watching. You’re looking great. Here’s some of what goes down:

  • We’re now on Stitcher! Ladies love Stitcher. (Mat doesn’t know what Stitcher is.)
  • We had an Irish fan, but then Mat started racial stereotyping… He does lead us to discover another bizarre design choice in the Zord formations.
  • We announce our first ever SPECIAL EPISODE! *arm flailing*
  • There’s evil Power Rangers! You’ll feel their evil when they give the city a big thumbs down menacingly.
  • The evil Rangers use plumbing equipment for legitimate plumbing work… but in an EVIL WAY! Well, evil-ish. Maybe evil adjacent.
  • Bulk has an infinite lunchbox, and boy, does that raise more questions than it answers. We’re still stuck on this one.
  • “Listen. Zack had a good plan, Jason cocked it up. Again.” But, let’s be honest: it’s not a great plan.
  • And we dive into the world of Power Rangers/NCIS crossover fanfiction. Yup.


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