So you want to pre-order issue #0 of Boom! Studios’ new Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers comic? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Why Preorder?

The publishing industry is weird and complicated at the best of times. When you’re dealing with a monthly book with print runs often in the low tens of thousands… it doesn’t get simpler.

We can’t say it any better than Kelly Sue DeConnick, but we’ll try and give you the shorter version: basically, pre-ordering a copy guarantees your local comic shop will get one for you. If you don’t pre-order – especially a comic that doesn’t have “Batman” in the name – there’s no guarantee there’s gonna be a copy for you.

Physical or Digital?

These days, you can get comics as either a physical single issue – called a “floppy”, a digital copy – we don’t have a funny name for those – or in a collection of 6 or so issues, called a “trade paperback”.

Physical v digital is really a matter of preference. Some people like having the actual object – and might want to get it signed at some point, say – whereas other people prefer to save the space and read on a tablet or laptop. Your choice.

A trade paperback is like a DVD season box set. It comes out after a story arc is done, and usually contains a full story – 6ish monthly issues. It’s more like a book – sometimes they’re hardcover, sometimes they’re softcover. Some people prefer these because they’re easier to read and store. The thing you have to know is that publishers often will make decisions about whether or not to keep a series running based on the monthly sales, not the trades. It’s like TV – they like it when you buy the box set, but they really want you to watch live every week. Don’t let that guilt you into buying the monthly comic if you don’t want it, but you should keep it in mind.

Preordering Physically

OK, so you want to preorder issue 0 of the monthly comic?

  • Find your local comic book shop at this link. If they don’t have one near you, just Google it – there’s almost certainly a comic shop somewhere near you.
  • Go there and tell them you want to preorder issue #0 of the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers comic from Boom.
  • Wait until January.

Yes, it’s pretty much that easy – comics author Kieron Gillen even made a short comic of his own about how easy it is.

Your local shop might want you to sign up for an account with them, or they might be happy just taking your name and phone number – it’ll vary depending on where you are.

Preordering Digitally

Comixology is the place for digital comics. They’ve got an app, but you do all your purchasing online at their web store and then sync the files to your device. Comics typically show up on their preorder page about a week before they come out, so probably check it out in the new year.

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