Welcome to a totally normal episode of this podcast, Ranger Danger Dino Charge. This week your hosts, who are clearly and demonstrably Mat and Michael, are watching the Power Rangers Dino Charge Christmas special entitled ‘Race to Rescue Christmas!’ It is not strange that this podcast is coming out now. Standard Australian things are discussed, as befits Australian podcasters. Enjoy Santa, or as we refer to him here in Australia, uh… ‘Struth, It’s Holiday Nicko, With His Sleigh Roos! Bonza!’ Completely unrelatedly, we really appreciate our friends and fellow podcasters the Super Sentai Bros. Find their latest podcast series, ‘The Jetman With The Golden Gun’, on iTunes!

Show Notes

  • Seriously, we cannot possibly thank the Super Sentai Bros enough for doing this. It was entirely their idea and they knocked it totally out of the park. If you’re not already, find them on iTunes, Twitter, and Facebook.

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