We have our first encounter with contemporary morphing on the podcast this week as we recap and review the first episode of Power Rangers Dino Charge: ‘Powers from the Past’! How is Dino Charge like Beast Wars? What’s going on with that E.T dude? And why is Dino Charge… *gasp* …anti-Christian?! Find out on this episode of the Ranger Danger podcast!

Show Notes

  • Angela Anaconda was an animated TV show that ran from… no, that can’t be right. 1999 to 2002? I’m so old.
  • The K-Pg event, formerly known as the K-T event and more commonly called “that time what all the dinosaurs died”, did happen around 65 million years ago, and – surprisingly – there is some belief that it may have been the result of multiple meteors hitting Earth! Who knew Power Rangers could teach us something?
  • Taken by the T-Rex is just one of the many, many books in the series Dinosaur Erotica, by Christie Sims. We take no responsibility for any mental scarring that may be caused.
  • Watch “Powers from the Past” on Nick.com.

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