It’s cowboys, chargers and covert entrances on the podcast this week as we recap and review the second episode of Power Rangers Dino Charge: ‘Past, Present and Fusion’! What’s the scoreboard look like after the first round of Fantasy Zordon? What aspect of the Rangers’ base is simultaneously the best and the worst? And, um, is that you Keeper, play calling the Rangers’ moves like a wrestling commentator? Find out on this episode of the Ranger Danger podcast!

Show Notes

  • Tickle Me Elmo was more than just a toy. He was a phenomenon. Don’t believe us? “Trampled, he suffered “a pulled hamstring, injuries to his back, jaw and knee, a broken rib and a concussion”.” That’s a sentence from the Wikipedia page. About a toy for babies.
  • There was a LOL Elmo in 2012. Ugh.
  • Black and Gold Megazord, movie-accurate toys, and more!
  • Kids, Small Soldiers was a children’s movie from 1998 that is almost certainly not as good as I remember it.
  • The Kyoryger and Dino Charge morphs are practically identical, except for the sadly-missing samba.

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