If you live in a European Union member state, we hope you voted in the recent European Parliament elections– as this week we’re Europe, because we’ve arrived at The Final Countdown! Yes! We’re here! It’s the Power Rangers in Space finale, ‘Countdown to Destruction, Part II’!

What made Mat tear up? (One thing.) What made Michael tear up? (All of the things.) And how does TJ step up to demonstrate he’s the real leader of the Power Rangers? 
The answers to these questions and more await, on this long-awaited conclusion to the Ranger Danger in Space podcast!

Show Notes

  • Thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
  • God knows how I know about a mid-90s ad for American insurance, but I know about the Kool-Aid Man and we don’t have Kool-Aid here so I guess it’s just the way things are.
  • The Australian equivalent was 1800 Reverse, and this ad is hornier than I remember it being.
  • You’re here for the Spock helmet. Here you go. You’re welcome.

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