Mat’s trying to break his sugar addiction and Michael’s trying to break Mat’s desire to talk about Thunderbirds on the podcast this week, as we watch the Power Rangers Dino Charge episode ‘Break Out’! Where are the Vivix? (Spoiler warning: they’re in the trees, watching you right now!) What’s going on with Rexy’s neck? (Spoiler warning: something ridiculously stupid/awesome!) And do we get a new Power Ranger?! (Spoiler warning: yes and he tears shit uuuuuuuuuuup!) All this and more on this episode of the Ranger Danger Dino Charge podcast!

Show Notes

  • Live in New Zealand? You might want to get on this job. If you get it you have to let us interview you.
  • Sometimes Mat is Dig Dug. That sounds incredibly stressful.

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