Our collective conception of romance is at stake on the podcast this week, as we watch the Power Rangers in Space episode ‘A Date With Danger’!

Why are we so taken with Astronema’s stationary? Why is Zhane the most irresponsible Ranger yet? And why, despite the insanity of this episode, do we want these two crazy kids to make it work? The answers to these questions and more await you on this here episode of the Ranger Danger in Space podcast!

Show Notes

  • Look, here’s the deal: I’ve got this Knuckles the Echidna rap in my notes for this episode. I’m pretty sure that we actually talked about this in a Podlump we recorded just after this episode, but I’m mad sick right now and this episode’s gotta go up in like 10 hours so I’m just going to link to it in case and hope for the best.

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